Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Max is thankful for...

Max Watson

I am thankful for…

playing games
My Dad
Going out to eat

This week, we asked Max what he was thankful for.  He told us playing games, and first said baby, then spelled a - d - i, and it word predicted "babies" so he chose that.  Although, I think he was saying baby Adeline...even though she's not a baby anymore, he still calls her baby Adeline.  

As for the "going out to eat"...he doesn't go to a lot of places outside of this house, so I suppose going out to eat it something really fun for him, because he said it a few times to make sure we knew it.  He also put together the My and Dad.  Just so we all knew who he was talking about I guess.  

From us to all of you, Happy Thanksgiving.  We're thankful for our Max, and another great holiday with him healthy and strong.  

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