Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We're doing alright...

I think we've figured  it out.  At least, we have figured something out.  Max is back to sleeping through the night.  He is not having anymore chorea.  And he is staying awake through the day.   We're still talking to his doctors, but it seems that when we started his new diet of blended foods from the Pediasure formula, we didn't get him matched up with his Vitamin D.   We'll see if the doctors think that's what it is, but I'm pretty sure it is!  He was getting half the amount in his blends that he was in his milk formula.  And once we started the supplement of Vitamin D to get him up to what he was getting in the formula, we got our Max back.  So...whatever it is...I think it's working!

He's getting back into the swing of life.  George and Abbey are helping him with therapy and keeping it exciting around here.  

Abbey was great to get these photos of Max standing in therapy on Monday.  

photo 1
Getting ready with a 1,2,3 stand up!

photo 2

Abbey stepped over to get a picture with Max to show how tall he is next to her!
photo 3

Where did momma go? 
photo 4

There she is!
photo 1

photo 2

Oh look! Here comes George!
photo 4

I think I'll pet him!
photo 1

George decided to lay down to help Max.
photo 2

I'd say we're doing alright around here...it's good to be back in the swing of things. 
photo 5


Junior said...

so glad you got things figured out and Max is sleeping again.

wow, Max you sure are getting tall.

Shachi said...

wow Vit D - would not have thought about that. Great to see things falling back in shape!

Danetta said...

This is all so good to read about and see. I can't believe Max is almost as tall as Abbey!

Madame Angela Baggett said...

gorgeous pics, glad that things have smoothed out some for you. I'm always surprised at how much of parenting is guessing, trying, finding a path, praying through and guessing some more. And you are a master puzzler! If there were only a rule book on this eh? But that would be some huge book and then we'd think we were too smart for our own goods- I'm guessing again!