Friday, July 13, 2012

Flat Max, Oklahoma - Part 3 with Sissy

Since the original Flat Max is missing, Abbey printed off a copy of Flat Max to show around during her trip to Oklahoma.  She wrote this up to let him know all they did together!  If you would like to take Flat Max on an adventure, you can also print a copy of him.  Since the original is likely gone for good (the post office isn't too hopeful that we'll find him), you can print off a copy here.  Max loves getting these adventures and seeing all the places people take him and his puppy George.  

Max’s sister, Abbey went to Oklahoma to see some of her family! Max went along to see what Abbey did.

Flat Max and Sissy went out to dinner with Max’s Nonni!

They decided to eat Thai food and Flat Max ate some of Sissy’s food!

Flat Max got to go swimming with Sissy! He went down the slide, and he even went swimming under water!


Flat Max got to see his Great-Aunt Phyllis at her church!

Flat Max got to ride in a 1958 Corvette that belongs to Abbey’s grandpa! Flat Max liked riding in it a lot.

On the 4th of July, Max didn’t get to set off Fireworks or watch them, because of the wildfires in Colorado. In Oklahoma it was okay to do fireworks. Flat Max had a lot of fun watching the yellow smoke, from the smoke bombs.

Flat Max also got to watch Sissy do sparklers!

Flat Max got to go to work with Sissy’s Grandpa and Sissy. Sissy’s Grandpa runs Harrison Drilling. Flat Max got to look at the really big drills and he got to help run the drill at one point!

In Oklahoma where Sissy was at, there is an outdoor movie theater named the Admiral Twin. Flat Max, Sissy and her Grandparents got to see Brave and the Avengers.

Flat Max went to a birthday party for Sissy’s Grandma! Flat Max got to eat some cake and he thought it was delicious!

Before Abbey left to go to Oklahoma, Max asked her to get a rainbow snow cone for him. This is a picture of Flat Max with the rainbow snow cone that Sissy got him.


Flat Max is eating the yellow banana part of the rainbow snow cone that Sissy got.

This is a picture of Flat Max and Sissy standing by the Tulsa Driller Man. It is a famous statue in Tulsa.

This is Flat Max sitting beside Sissy on the airplane. Sissy is getting ready to come home to Max!

Sissy got home! This is Flat Max in front of Max’s house getting ready to go in and be home!

Flat Max is home!


Elizabeth said...

I would love to take Flat Max to some good sights in Los Angeles, but when I tried to print out the Flickr photo, it wouldn't let me!

Deana said...

Thanks for letting me know Elizabeth! It was locked down, but we've opened it up for downloading and printing now. He would love to go around Los Angeles with Sophie!

Danetta said...

Flat Max has had a great year of adventures! Sissy did a great job taking him around Tulsa!