Monday, July 23, 2012

Staying cool...

This has got to be one of the warmest summers I can remember since living in Colorado.  Granted, the past several summers, we've been in Children's Hospital with Max off and on, so maybe it's just more exaggerated since we've had such a long run with him home.

It's been difficult to find ways to get out of the house, and still stay cool.  There's only so much going to the mall I can tolerate.  And, now that Max is finally waking up,  we're really wanting to get out and play outside before we're back to the quarantine of the house through respiratory season.   We have yet to get up to the mountains, because of schedules, so we tried to seek out somewhere cool, but still close to home.

Lucky for us, we live in Colorado, and somewhere cool isn't too far off.  We just didn't realize how close it was!  We went to Golden, a town west of Denver.  It's not terribly far from us, about a 25 minute drive.  And, it has one of our favorite mountain "creeks" running right through it.  Clear Creek comes down from the mountains and gives us icy cold water to play in close to home.

It's very accessible for Max, as we scouted out on Friday.

We were able to park directly across from the creek and step right into the water with him.  We didn't have time to stay on Friday evening, so we just dipped his toes in and knew we needed to come back soon!

Soon, happened to be the next day!  It was a scorcher, and no one wanted to be in the house.  So, we loaded up Max's van and got a few tubes and went for it!  We took Max's bath chair and camped him out with a front row seat of it all.


And big sis jumped right in and went for a float down the water!

But wait...who's that floating by?

Aunty Angie and Uncle Dan came with Addie to join in the fun too!

There goes Steve floating with a bunch of other people who found this gem.

And Abbey again.

This is where I hung out most of the time, with Max and Addie.

Max was especially proud of himself, as you can see, because he had just successfully splashed Addie by kicking water on her.

Here come the girls...and the guys are going to catch them.


Well, they got the important one.

All Ang had to do was stand up.

All in all, a great day playing in the water, and a great way to beat the heat!  We'll be going back as soon as we can to play some more!  Max sat in that chair for two hours straight without complaining once.  He loved having the cold mountain water tickle his feet, and watching all the people go by.  I think it's somewhere we'll visit throughout the year, even if we can't get him in because it's so accessible to get close to it from his van.

We ended our day out with a cousins ride home where we had dinner and milk shakes for desert.  Max was dancing and singing along to the music on the radio, and Addie and Abbey were messing with each other in the back seat.  Yes, I'd say it was a good day.



Shachi said...

Simple outings like these are my favorite - what fun!

Danetta said...

Now that looks like lots of fun!