Sunday, July 1, 2012

Running Marathons, and Shooting for the Moon...

When Max was just one year old, and we were faced with the choice of giving him a tracheotomy, or letting him try on his own to live after 3 failed attempts to breathe on his own, we had a care conference.  This is when all of the team working with a child gets together to figure out the best next steps.

When the Attending of the ICU asked what we wanted for our son, his question was simple.  Did we want to do life-saving measures to save him, or let him try on his own, with the possibility that he wouldn't make it.

Steve's answer wasn't the one they were expecting.  Steve's answer for what we wanted for our son was, "We want him to run marathons." .  We knew what they were asking, and we weren't willing to settle for the only option...even as our son was fighting for his life to breathe on his own.  We wanted to dream big dreams for Max, to set lofty goals, because if he had that to work towards, we would be thrilled with whatever he accomplished.  We wouldn't be holding him back if his goal was the biggest thing we could think of.

Today in England, our friend Tim is running a marathon, for Max.  After swimming 2.4 miles, and biking 112 miles, he is on the marathon portion of his Triathlon.  He's tired, he's hurting, but he's pushing through.  For himself, for his family, and for his buddy Max.

It's an incredible thing as a parent to know that someone is doing the hardest tasks they've ever attempted in their lives for your child.  Max still hasn't run his marathon...but he's got his friend Tim showing him it can be done.

Tim's efforts are to raise funds for Max's Trust.  The trust that pays for Max's music therapy, repairs on the wheelchair van that gets Max around town, that paid for George and his special training, that pays for medicines and supplies that insurance doesn't pay for.  We've had a lot of expenses for Max this summer that were unexpected, and the trust is now down to a very small amount.

If you would like to show your support, as Tim is doing, would you consider donating a small amount to the trust?  We have 244 fans, if everyone gave $5, we could pay for Music Therapy for 6 months!  That's huge for us!  It is a security to know the money for Max's care is there when we need it.  Thank you always for you support for Max, and us.

Contribute to Max and Tim's Race here.

And thank you Tim, for running a Marathon...a TRIATHLON for Max...Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars.”

Max finishes his portion of his mini Triatlon this evening once it cools...12 miles on his bike!  We're doing this to show Tim we're with him on his monumental effort!

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