Sunday, July 1, 2012

Triathlon - Part 2, Swimming

Last night, we accomplished my most dreaded leg of the race... the .24 miles swim.  It was such a small fraction of what Tim has done today, but I'm not a fan of swimming at all.  Before yesterday, I didn't even own a swimsuit.

But, this race is important to us!  Our friend Tim, has been biking, swimming, and is now as I type this, running the marathon portion of The Outlaw Triathlon, in Nottingham England.  He's doing it to raise funds for Max, and is accomplishing one of the hardest things a human can do physically!  Max wants to show him how much he appreciates Tim's efforts by doing his own Triathlon!

We got Max in his boat, and slid it into the water, and he was ready to go.  As you can hear, his biggest cheerleader, Cousin Addie was here to cheer him on!


Max just kicked back, and enjoyed the ride.  In fact, he LOVED the ride!  We have lived in this house going on four years now, and haven't taken him to the pool, because at the last house we lived at five years ago, he didn't care for swimming one bit!  That's all going to change!


Steve took most of the laps, but I did a third of the race.  Sheesh...who knew dragging a dingy up and down the pool (where I could walk most of the way) could be so exhausting!


Addie cooled us off along the way, cheering the whole time!

We took the last lap together...

And because she was the BEST cheerleader for her big cousin, Addie took a Victory Lap with us!


A special thanks to Uncle Dan for taking photos and videos, to Aunty Angie for cheering Max on, and making sure Addie didn't do a faceplant into the pool in all her excitement, and of course Addie for cheering for Max Max Max!!!

We finish up our Triathlon this evening with the 12 mile bike ride at Max's favorite park!  Thanks for coming along for our weekend of races!

You can contribute to Max and Tim's races here.

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Unknown said...

This is such a wonderful post! I loved seeing all the photos, you look pretty happy in them, for someone who doesn't like to swim :). Great boat!