Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Ants Go Marching One by One...

When Max started his insect unit with his class a couple of weeks ago, I tried to get him an ant farm here before the unit was over.  Getting the farm here was no big deal, in fact, it was here overnight thanks to the magic of  I had to get the ants from another website, and it gave a time frame of anywhere between one and two weeks to get here, depending on the weather.

Last week we got all the pieces together and Max set up his ant farm.

First, you need the ants!


And, you learn about the ants.

And you try really hard to be patient while Momma and Daddy and Sissy are helping you get your ant farm put together.

And then you watch them go to work.

Go to work they did!



Max got to share his ant farm with his class last week before Spring Break.  I'm hoping the ants will still be working by next week to get to show his class and teachers all the hard work they've been doing while the kids have been on break!

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