Thursday, March 29, 2012

George Update...

Putting photos to computer has been acting really funny lately, so I'm doing a bunch of blogs to get caught up.

With that said; it's high time for a George update!

George is now 10 1/2 months old.

He's doing well with minding his manners inside the house, but still is learning that jumping like a kangaroo when guests arrive is not the best way to make friends.  At least he's not jumping on the guests anymore, just straight up in the air to meet them face to face!

He's gotten to the point where we can leave the house without much of a whimper from him, although, he always prefers to go with us.

He's stopped barking on his walks, unless one of the Spring bunnies darts out in front of him.  And it's been funny watching him get to know the Spring flowers and grasses.  It seems he likes to smell the flowers, and lick the grass.  He's really been having fun with the garden smelling and running in the freshly laid down dirt.

He and cousin Addie were having a blast helping with the new dirt being put in!

And, of course,  he still loves his Max most of all.

In the evenings, Max likes to kick around on the floor before bed.  This is George's favorite time to grab his toys and lay right by him.

He's great about making sure Max has enough toys to play with......even if they are dog toys.

I came in the living-room one evening to find that George had been bringing ALL of his toys and treats to put around Max while I was making dinner.  It was such a funny sight.  He just kept going to his different toy spots and bringing new things to him.

George is also still very keen on taking care of Max.  He still remembers his job.  Max had hurt his foot by scratching it on the top, and George would not leave it alone.  One evening while I was getting Max changed for bed, George did his part to make sure Max's foot was well cared for.

Getting in between every - single - toe.

He's a silly, silly dog.  Here he is "hiding" under his cover on our bed.

Anytime he's let out of his crate, whether in the morning, or after we get back from being out of the house, he gets his blankets and parades around the house for 5-10 minutes every time.

And then there's this.  He can be so LAZY!
lazy george

Max had a little cold this week.  His nose was running, sneezing, he had a little fever, and just generally felt puny.  George was certain to be right beside him as much as was allowed.  Max started coughing while sitting in his yellow chair, at one point, and George was up in the chair with him faster than we could get to Max.  I couldn't get George to move off of him, so he just laid down on top of Max and wouldn't get up until he knew Max was okay.   Last night, as I put Max in bed, George got up in the bed with him, as is his routine, and kissed his feet, then hands, mouth, nose, ear, eye, and head...then he laid down beside him.

This morning, Max was feeling much better, but George thought it was best if he provided his support for a little longer, just to make sure Max was feeling extra good.

It helps that Max's pillows are the comfiest in the house.


Amanda Jaksha said...

How fun! Indeed to work n a dog for Ava.

Junior said...

love it, George and Max are a great team