Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Strong girl...

When he was a baby, Abbey would say to Max, "I have to teach you your ABC's so you can read !".  And she would go through the alphabet over and over and over again with him as he lay beside her smiling.

She would pick him up and say, "I have to move your legs  (pumping them back and forth) so you can learn how to ride a bike and run!".

Abbey was only 5 when Max was born, but from the very beginning she was set on showing him the way through life.

He loves her being with him all the time, and they have a very unique and special relationship.  He was just as proud and excited as we are to see her on the news today, talking about her accomplishments as an 8 time world record holding power-lifter.

They're both made of amazing things.  They both inspire us every day.  And when she told the reporter that when she doesn't feel like working out, she thinks of her little brother, Max, who love to walk, and she pushes on, it made our hearts swell with pride.

What a strong girl, indeed. 

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