Monday, January 23, 2012

Flat Max - Denver, CO

Flat Max has been making his way around the world.  We first told you about Max's second grade class's project back in October.  They went as a class to the main post office to mail  their Flat Stanley and Flat Stacey dolls to their first recipients.  His classmates sent their dolls to friends and family first, and from then on, they sent them on to who they wanted.  So, they may not know all of the people who they are going to get letters back from.  For Max, we wanted to make sure he could relate as well as possible to the project, so we sent his only to people he knows, and they'll send it on to someone on the list of his friends. Max also thought that instead of the typical Flat Stanley face, his needed a picture of himself.  So, we call him Flat Max, instead of Flat Stanley.  If you don't have a clue what Flat Stanley is, you can read about it here.

Max wanted to send his first to his cousin Addie, here in Denver.  Of all the people, the whole world over, he wanted her to get it first!

So, without further ado from me; I give you Flat Max's first adventure with Cousin Addie in Denver, CO.

Auntie Angie wrote the letter to Max on what all they did with him.


They took a ride in the car...

And to the zoo...

Flat Max with a Peacock


And to the park...


To school with Addie...

And to work with Auntie Angie...
(The playground at Aunty Angie's work)

I think he was really helpful with Auntie Angie's work...

Addie wrote him a letter and drew him pictures about their adventures too.

What a great first adventure!!!  Thank you cousin Addie and Auntie Angie and Uncle Dan for taking Flat Max to see all of Addie's favorite places!

If you would like to take Flat Max on an adventure, check out the Flat "Max" Stanley tab.

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CSIAmanda said...

that is awesome what a learning experience and a way to in Max's case connect with family