Thursday, January 26, 2012

Flat Max - Milwaukee, WI

Max's second adventure was by email to Milwaukee, to see his buddy Krista.  Krista was Max's main squeeze this summer when she stayed with us before moving to go to P.A. school in Wisconsin.  He was so happy to see all of the fun places she had to take him in her new town at Christmas time!

(Thanks Krista for writing this up for him too!)

Flat Max decided to spend a very rare sunny Sunday checking out a few places that make Milwaukee a fun place to live.  He headed on over to the Milwaukee Art Museum, which is an amazing building overlooking Lake Michigan.  We both decided it was way too cold to walk down to the lake, but we did check out the museum, which was most recently in a Transformers movie.


Flat Max then headed across the river to the most famous place in Milwaukee, the Harley-Davidson museum.  They make some of the most iconic American motorcycles.  Inside you can play the noises of every motor every made since Harley-Davidson was created.  Your dad would really love to have some of those as his ring tone.


Here Flat Max swings by a statue by the Harley-Davidson that was donated to the company.


Flat Max then decided that he would come with me for a quick workout at Cream City Crossfit.  I started doing some push ups and when I looked around Max was swinging in the rings have a great time.


He then got bored and went outside to try and bring in some more people to the gym.  It worked!  I had 10 people in my class.


On our last day together, which was also a day I had to take final exams, Flat Max jumped out of my backpack and went on his own adventure.  His first stop was the Department of Physician Assistant Studies.  It's where all the cool kids hang out.


He was next spotted at one of the pillars that mark the edges of the main campus at Marquette.  We aren't really supposed to sit on these, but Flat Max just seemed to find a way.


Flat Max then decided to make friends with one of the Marquette police officers.  It is a pretty big school that has it's own police force who are very good at what they do.  This officer was taking a break but noticed Flat Max.  He had just finished a project with "Flat Julie" and was more than happy to take a picture.  He said, "Merry Christmas".


After all of Flat Max's adventures in Milwaukee, he met me at my desk for my Genetics final.  What a sweet guy.  He sat with me through the test to make sure I did well.


Milwaukee may not be as exciting as other places Flat Max has traveled, but I'm really glad he stopped by and got to see a little bit of my Milwaukee!


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