Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rumbly Tumbly...

It's always a mixed bag when we take Max in for a test at the hospital.  Usually the tests have been ordered because there is something going on.  So, either the test will give us answers, or more questions.

I say it's a mixed bag, because, it's not always a bad thing to have more questions.  Today, we took Max in for yet another radiology test to look at the anatomy of his intestines.  He's had an upper GI, stomach emptying test, multiple xrays, and multiple stool sample studies to see if we can get to the bottom of why he's having stomach and intestine issues since having the partial resection of his transverse colon back in June.

The test today was to show us if where his colon was put back together, had scar tissue, or if it had pinched again.  I have to admit, I was holding my breath once the test started to see if we were looking at more surgery.  Now that we've seen so many of these tests, I know what the boy's innards look like, and I was pleased to see it all looked normal to my untrained eye.  I know what not normal in him looks like...and it usually means a rushed trip to the OR.  At least it was not that today.

So, back to square one.  We're still working with GI, who will likely put his head together with Metabolic, and Max's pediatrician.  My guess is that they will put him on Flagyl when needed, when his intestines start holding onto gas, and he can't have bowel movements easily.  For whatever reason, he holds onto too much gas, which then makes it uncomfortable for him to have a bowel movement, so he holds it in...causing more gas and more pain.  But, we shall see what they say.

We've got all the imaging tests we need to do finished for now.  Hopefully we can keep out of Children's for a while.  And hopefully we can get to the bottom of his GI issues.

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Junior said...

Praying you can find some answers.
I have codes for you from Junior's app giveaway. Please email me so I can get them to you.