Monday, January 16, 2012

Oh, George...

George turned 7 months old yesterday.

He's been such a great addition to our whole house.  Max loves him, of course, but he's something special to all of us.  I've been working closely with him as far as the training goes, and the daily activities with Max .  Steve keeps him active, by taking walks and running with him.  And Abbey likes to use the laser light to play with him too.

It's so easy to forget he's just a baby puppy.  In the past couple of weeks, he's really started to get the training bit.  Perhaps, it's mostly because we've been home and not in the hospital lately!

Steve gave him a haircut over the weekend, his first time to go it alone.  We're learning as we go, and thankfully, George is pretty forgiving of a few straggly edges.  Steve went shorter all over, and I think it's adorable!

(His coat is still wet in these photos.  We think his light skin is so funny, under that thick coat of dark hair.)

We took him for his first trip to Max's favorite park this weekend.  We've been holding off, because there are so many people and dogs, but, it's time to start introducing him to crowds and to teach him to stick close to Max in exciting situations.  He did really well, and only got distracted when he met these creatures that liked to tease him.

We didn't let him in on the secret, that if he ran at them, they would all fly off.  That would have been the end of a fun walk at the park.

Yes, life with George is exciting for sure.

Today, he was protective of Max, as he got his wheelchairs fitted.  He thought maybe our equipment guy was messing too much with his boy's things so he gave a couple of barks to him, to let him know Max was his boy.  He also wanted to make sure that Max had his snow boots on, quite randomly, while he was getting his wheelchair fixed up.  So, naturally, we put his snow boots on him, since George brought them to Max.

We're so proud of how he has attached to Max, and loves him so much.  So much in fact, that today, when Max went to his bed for a rest, George thought he needed to take the glasses he left behind to him.  That's when he realized just how chewy they were.





I hurried over to the store, with 10 minutes before their closing to get a new set made.  It will take about a week for them to get here with a rush.  And it's a good thing we had some extra funds in the HSA account.  They were a VERY expensive chew-toy for George.

But, being 7 months old, and him living with us for under 3 months, not too bad for the only thing he's torn up, to date.  They just tasted far too much like his boy.

I've tried to mend them the best they can be, until his new set comes in.  I hope he can see well enough with them for this week.  They are really scratched up on the lenses, and the temple pieces are taped together, with stretchy tape on top to smooth out the edges.


Oh, George.

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