Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A brief update on George

The fundraising exceeded our expectations. This will enable us to cover additional training, vet costs, service dog registrations, etc for George. We are grateful for your support. We will continue to leave the George-O-Meter in the sidebar through the end of October so you can celebrate with us as additional funds for George come in.

Last night we got some mixed news. The local breeder we were speaking to let us know that all the puppies have been spoken for. This was met with mixed emotions here at home but this clarifies for us that none of those puppies were George. Onward to find George!

Max has been communicating with his speech device this morning telling us that "George is a brown or black poodle." (I'm glad he clarified!) Since Max knows best what George looks like, we'll follow his lead in finding George.

We have an appointment this evening to see a breeder in the metro area with black puppies. We'll post photos and update this evening to share with you if we think we have a match.

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