Tuesday, October 11, 2011

humbled and overwhelmed

Yesterday we sat in awe, humbled by the generosity and kindness of people all over the world. So often we move through our individual lives and struggles, unaware of the goodness of people we rub shoulders with.

Yesterday people who know and love Max opened their hearts to make a wish come true for him. Many more people who may have just learned of Max were touched by his story and gave from the wells of love inside of them.

It was simply miraculous to watch the meter climb throughout the day, as pockets of individuals sent their love and hope and hard-earned cash to make something special happen for a little boy.

Will you do one more small thing for Max?

As you move through your October, seeing the decorations come up, the autumn chill start to set in, and the leaves start to change...

Will you be reminded that YOU gave a very special, disabled boy a puppy for his birthday?

Perhaps even find a quiet place and repeat that to yourself.

This world is hard, often, but we can celebrate love and goodness and puppies for little boys even if the miles separate us.

We will be sure to remember each of you as Max falls in love with a new friend that would not have happened without your help.

Humbled and overwhelmed,

the Watson's


Dean said...

Thank you, Watsons, for giving us the opportunity to look a little more like the best versions of ourselves.

Gwennie said...

it's a beautiful thing!

Leanne Stewart said...

*grins and grins*