Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Sunday at Children's...

This morning was a rough morning for me. The past couple of nights, I've opted to stay in the room with Max. A combination of, I'm not ready to go to sleep until around midnight, and Steve and Abbey taking the family sleep room.

So, I haven't really slept the past couple of nights. Even if Max sleeps okay, I just wake up at every little noise, and every time someone comes in the room. Then, the morning light blasts through the window, and another night has come and gone without rest.

So when Max was finally sleeping hard, and I was starting to doze this morning, and a doctor came in and woke him up, I was done.

D-O-N-E .

Steve and Abbey got back to our room and he convinced me to go sleep for a bit in the family room. Once I got over there I couldn't sleep. I tried, but, I was already awake. So, I took an extremely long hot shower...which can be as refreshing as sleep. And then I was ready to start my day.

As I was walking back over to Max's room, I was accosted by two clowns. Jesters really.

Now, it's hard for me to be on my nicest behavior in the morning. I'm really not a morning person. And these past couple of weeks, it's bright and early interactions with the doctors. They've been up for a couple of hours, had their coffee and showers, and I've got bedhead, bad breath, and blurry eyes. As we discuss important treatment for Max that day.

So, when these jesters started putting imaginary trinkets in my jacket hood, I can't say I was as jovial as they maybe were going for. I smiled and told them my son would love to see them, and he's in room 829. I made my way into his room and we got him set up in his chair. Once he was sitting up, we heard a couple of jingle bells stop outside the door.

And thus, Max's first meeting with clowns.

Max has never seen a clown in person, so it was going to go one of two ways...either he'd think they were fun and colorful, or he would think they were the creepiest things he's ever seen. I imagine these guys get both reactions, so I wasn't too worried about his reaction if it was going to be the screaming variety, but I was really hoping he'd like them.

And, he did. They were silly, and goofy, and made fun noises. And they were just a couple of sweet guys, who even joked around with Abbey too. For the first time in two weeks, we saw our Max...bright eyes, interacting, laughing. All because these two jolly fellas offer up their Sunday mornings to visit sick kids. To make them laugh, and their families laugh too.

After chatting with the jesters, we got the okay to take Max on a walk. So, we took our pale boy out in the sunshine for the first time in 18 days. And oh boy was he happy to be outside!

photo (16)

Nevermind the scowling...the sun was SO bright, and none of us had our sunglasses on but Max. We really were happy.
photo (15)

And we stopped to find yellow flowers, and listen to the birds sing their morning songs.

photo (14)

Max was so happy to be outside, and didn't think it was a funny trick to bring him back in. But, he's got a few more days before we can spring loose. Once we got back to his room, he decided to sleep all afternoon. Until another visitor came. This time it was of the Pops variety.

More on that tomorrow. When we'll try to have all the kids together for a visit with Pops before he heads back home. For now, I get the sleep room tonight, and you better believe I'm going to sleep!


Leanne Stewart said...

Things have been dicey here, too, and every time I try and make sure I catch some Zzzz's so I can keep going, I pretend you're climbing into a "princess" bed, too, and you're getting to shut and lock your door and you're getting to stretch out and roll over and sleep, sleep, sleep w/out interruption for hours upon end.

Then, in the mornings, when things are really quiet here and I know they're anything but for you, I pretend that you get to sit in your backyard drinking coffee and listening to the silence like I do.

These are the times when I offer up those "pretending" moments like little prayers for you.

Cannot wait for the MONTH of no postings because all you're doing is taking advantage of every spare minute to sleep, rest, reflect. Until then, glad you keep sharing with us as we keep thinking of you.


Thia said...

I'm hoping and praying that "home" happens this week sometime for ya'll. I know that even just being there will be restful. Being out in your garden with your plants. Laying in your own bed, sitting in your own chairs, even with Max. Walking into your kitchen and eating whatever you want. It's coming Deana! Until then, I know you're doing the best you can and Max is blessed to have you. And there are people, like these clowns that care too!

Gretchen said...

These clowsn made me smile from a photo, so I can only imagine how much they would cheer Max in person and acting silly! Glad he had some fun during this long hospital stay, and that he got to get some sun.