Tuesday, July 5, 2011

20 days

Do you see what I see?

An escape artist.

This weekend was filled with waiting and watching the drain in his abdomen. It's still draining the fluid around the surgery site which is infected. But, the ultra-sound done this afternoon showed that it was only about half the size it was 5 days ago when they placed it. Which means, he's not ready to go home.

Tomorrow morning at 8:00am, he'll go down for another procedure where they will reposition the drain and put it in a different section of the abscess. They hope it will drain completely in a couple or few more days. Last week we were told we would be looking at a Tuesday discharge. I said, that means Thursday at the earliest. Now I'm thinking Friday. But, that's just me...not really believing their timelines anymore.

We are hoping that the repositioning of the drain will be all it takes to get the abscess to go away completely, so we can finally go home. It was 20 days today...far too long for a planned procedure. Far too long in the summer, when we are supposed to be enjoying time with Abbey, and playing outside, and riding bikes.

Here's hoping we make our escape soon. Max is more than ready!

He's ready to blow this popsicle stand!


Leanne Stewart said...

Max was in my thoughts this early evening as I watched the wind blow through the trees in my neighborhood. Sorry this is what it has been for you guys. :(

Unknown said...

Wow, 20 long days! I really hope that this week is the week you all get to go home! Sending positive drain thoughts your way!