Friday, July 1, 2011

All is quiet...

This is my view as of 2300 Friday night.

All is quiet...well, except for Max's ocean waves and music playing, and the oxygen bubbler, and the sound of nurses walking up and down the hallway, and a smiley balloon bouncing against the wall, and some hummy sound I haven't figured out yet. But, Max is quiet.

The procedure yesterday went well. The nuclear radiologist inserted the tube with the help of live CT Scans and ultrasound. When they found the collection of fluid, and it started to drain, they saw that it was old blood. They think he was bleeding after surgery, which is why he needed the transfusion. At some point the early antibiotics, and extra coagulants from the transfusion stopped the bleeding, but it was still there...brewing up an infection.

That's right, that old blood has some sort of bacteria in it, it's still growing in the lab. We'll know more maybe tomorrow about what exactly the type is, so they can treat it most specifically.

I would say he's feeling better and not better. They gave him some feel good medicine for the procedure that helped him sleep all evening, so I felt good about taking leave to go sleep in the sleep room for parents in a while. I got a text at about 730 to wake me up to check out Max. Steve said he and Max didn't sleep at all last night, and he wanted to know if I thought he was in pain.

I felt badly that I had snoozed through it, but I know he just wanted me to get somewhat caught up on sleep, and he's sleeping tonight. Max is in some discomfort, as the drain is positioned either between two ribs, or under his ribs. Every time he goes to yawn, cough, or stretch he lets out a cry. He is feeling better though, because the antibiotics are working, the old blood is draining, and for the first time in 2 weeks, he's sleeping.

He's sleeping in big chunks of time, only waking for us to reposition him, and change his sweaty sheets. His body is just getting rid of all the extra meds he's had the past couple of weeks, which makes for lots of sheet changes! But, he did wake up happy a couple of times today. One time he was awake, he had a special visitor.

photo (12)

He loves it when the dogs come in for a visit. She was sweet to come up to his level and let him pet her with his toes. She brushed her nose along his feet a few times to give kisses. It's a neat program call Prescription Pets.

So, hopefully rest for tonight for all of us...more direction from doctors tomorrow...and a continually better feeling Max. As for "going home timeline", we've stopped asking. We've figured out what was going on to cause the fevers, but that doesn't mean he's all better yet. So, we'll get him all better, and hope for early next week.

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Thia said...

Music/nature sounds in hospital rooms is a vastly under-used "medicine." I'm glad that Max has some of it! And that dog too! Awesome!