Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So Draining...

What a draining day...get it, draining, dealing with a drain, draining infected blood from Max's abdomen. Oh, so punny!

We got up early this morning, ready to head down for another CTScan to see where they needed to move the drain to get the rest of the abscess out. When we got down to Radiology, they wanted to take a few pictures before moving it, so they knew exactly where it needed to be.

We stayed with him to get the pictures taken and keep him calm as he went in and out of the "Big Robot". He did great, but they didn't find any abscess to move the drain around in. They left it up to surgery to decide when to take the drain out. And, since surgeons are in fact performing surgeries all day, it was another late afternoon decision to remove the drain today.

Now that it is out, the doctors simply want to watch him for at least tonight to see if he's ready to go home. I'd say they only need to watch this to decide. (And of course, Max needs to not form any fever, or surprises overnight to make them think he's not ready.)

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Anonymous said...

I think it's settled! Sounds like he's going home tomorrow!