Thursday, July 28, 2011

The countdown...

Max got the okay to pull his picc line yesterday! We were so ready to be finished with antibiotics and having to pay such close attention to it so it didn't get pulled, or wet, or pinched.

Now that we're done with that incredibly long recovery, we're on to important things. Like the countdown for school to start.

Max has been getting excited for school this past week. I think he's been hearing a lot of people asking him when does school start, and asking his sister when her school starts. When we were looking at school desks and tables at Ikea last week, it really started becoming clear that he was ready for summer to be all done, and to get back to school!

This week, Abbey and I made him a paper chain to count down the days until school starts back up. Each day he's tearing a chain off. He seems to be liking it, and hopefully it will help him grasp about how much longer until school begins.


I think today was 26 days.


He's also getting lots of extra cuddles in from sissy before she heads back to Oklahoma next Monday.


Shachi said...

That picture of Abbey and Max is priceless!

Elaine said...

Enjoyed the picures. I'm a friend of your Mom's, Steve. I met you, Deana, and Max a very long time ago at her home. I love hearing Max is doing much better and ready to remove the line for the antibiotics. You all remain in my prayers. Glad I can follow you on FB.

Deana said...

Shachi, she loves to cuddle her brother!

Elaine, thank you for visiting Max's blog. I remember meeting you too.

ferfischer said...

Good idea! I love that quilt!!!! Is that new/retro or have you had it forever???

Deana said...

Jenny, it's a retro quilt for sure. And the paper chain was all Lauren's idea!