Thursday, August 4, 2011

Keepin' on...

It's been hot, but we're starting to get teasers of cooler weather, so Max has been able to get out for some quick bike rides.

Monday, after physical therapy, Max wanted to show off his bike to his physical therapist, Betsy. She's been helping Max move and get stronger since he was 1 year old, so it was pretty great for them to get to have a ride together.

We'd better watch out, he'll think this is how he should end every therapy time!! I think they both wouldn't mind though!

In speech therapy this week, he let us know that he wanted to ride his "yellow and blue" bike, with Daddy. Only problem, Daddy was out of town for the day for work. I had to tell him we could ride tomorrow.

He didn't let me forget either! Once Steve was finished with his work for the day, we headed off for a ride to the grocery store. One of the main things about his bike that we have loved the idea of was being able to separate it from the bike itself and being able to take him into a store or restaurant once we got to our destination. Today we got to try that feature out!

We got to the store and locked the bikes up on the bike rack. We detached Max from the bike and went inside to buy our groceries. It was GREAT!!!

photo (47)

photo (49)

We got our groceries put into the basket on my bike, and Steve was getting Max's bike put back together when someone patted me on the back and said "Good for you for getting him out on a bike!". I turned to a woman with a broad smile across her face. She said, "My son has Down syndrome, and I am so happy to see you getting your son out on a bike! Good for you!".

It made me think a few things, this should be more accessible for more families with children who have special needs. That it's a novelty is really too bad. It is good for Max, good for us, but I wish the reality wasn't that it is abnormal to see. And, it encouraged me. Sometimes the stares are frustrating, and can get us down because nothing blends in when we get Max out. But, it was encouraging that she stopped and gave me a literal pat on the back to keep it up, it's a good thing to get him out and about! So, thank you random super-mom for stopping to encourage us! We'll keep on riding!


Anonymous said...

Tell Max Uncle BoBo Loves Him And he's Uncle BoBo hero

ferfischer said...

This is SO fun! And I agree - this shouldn't be the exception, because how much better for the world and environment when everyone rides bikes anyway! I didn't know it could separate and you could use it as a chair - that is so nifty!

Deana said...

Uncle Bobo, I will definitely tell him that! Thanks for leaving a message for him! Love you, brother!

Jenny, It is the best!!! We only had to put him in at home, no other transfers, until we got back home! You know how many stores we have around us, once it gets cooler, I think we'll go to Target on bikes!

Amanda Jaksha said...

Like Jenny, I didn't know it separated either but woohoo to that! And to another super-momma keeping the love flow, I can't say enough about lthose tiny and random acts of kindness, appreciation and support. Go Max and Max's parents.