Sunday, July 24, 2011

Busy Summer Days...

Max has been having such busy days. Which means the Monster Momma has been having busy days. Which means the blog is the last thing on the list to do!

Max has gotten back to nearly all of his therapies. He's able to stay awake through them, and is really doing much more than I thought he'd be ready for. He's already excited for more standing tomorrow.

Last week, Max had a few respite dates with his lovely Lauren. They're trying to get in as many fun times together as they can before his Lauren's baby gets here. One night after we got out for some dinner and shopping, they got to go for a spin on his bike!

(Here he is telling her let's go! Steve was busy explaining all the bells and whistles!)

This weekend, we got him out and about for longer periods of time, which was good for all of us. It's been so hot that we've not wanted to venture out much. But, he was feeling good, and his Aunty Angie scored a preview shopping pass to the new Ikea store that is to open this Wednesday.

I know Ikea is a silly place to get excited about...but it's a special place for us. We can go and wheel Max around and spend the whole day dreaming up how amazing it would be to have a shower room we could wheel him into. Or a kitchen he could hang out in while I cooked. It's like a huge pretend house. And, we can easily spend all day there! And although it was a preview day, it was still pretty packed. We got a few things, but really got to just enjoy checking it all out, and Max had fun spotting all the yellow!

He did find one thing he thinks he needs. A new school table.

Once we wheeled him into this "school room" he wanted more more more! He's talked about school quite a bit the past few days. I think I'm going to have to make him a countdown chart to let him know when school starts! Of course, we don't know when school at home will start for him, but he'll be excited to see all of his friends again!

Today was so warm. After some house cleaning, and yard work, we were too hot to do anything else! But, we thought maybe Max would want to stick his toes in the cold water. We didn't want to get too far out, so we headed to Eldorado Canyon State Park. Just about 20 minutes from our house, we have this amazing state park...and we definitely need to come here more often!


We found a shady spot and let Max put his feet in.


But, he was NOT impressed! It was FREEZING!! He spent most of the time holding his feet as high out of the water as he could.

(But, Abbey was much more tolerant, letting her feet get numb a couple of times in the rushing ice water.)

He finally rested his feet on the rock he and daddy were sitting on, and would dip his toes in the water every now and then to see if it was still so cold.


It was beautiful, and we'll have to go back on a weekday, when it might not be as crowded! It was completely packed this afternoon!

This week ahead is another full one. Max has his regular therapy appointments, and has some doctors appointments too. This week we'll find out if that Picc line is ready to come out, and if he can stop the antibiotics. I sure hope so! This is also the last week for brother sister time before Abbey heads back to her moms for the school-year. So, you might see the busy Monster Momma do a short update later in the week, but no promises!

Thanks for checking in!


ferfischer said...

I'm pretty jealous of your IKEA pass, but I'll wait for another day after it opens, and I don't think it's a silly thing at all - I think those reasons are half the reasons people love Ikea! Love the park pics, perhaps we should do that too - and I love how summer is so busy!

Amanda Jaksha said...