Thursday, June 30, 2011

Where everybody knows his name...

It's deja vu all over again!

We're up on the 8th floor, after abdominal surgery. Trying to figure out what is causing very high fevers in Max. Very similar to our time in December last year.

Once we got up to the 8th floor, the team of doctors wanted him to have a CT scan done to rule out any complications with surgery. Max had to take in the contrast dye, and have another IV placed, since they had to pull his PICC line a couple of days ago for fear that it was the source of infection.

Because Max is a "hard stick", meaning it's hard to find a vein on him that will draw blood, or take an IV, we always have the resource nurses place his IV's when we're in the hospital. There are three male nurses that are absolute pros at getting IV's for Max. One in particular is a magician with Max. The other two are good too, but for some reason, this one just remembers Max each time and gets it first stick.

He came in last night, with his wicked thick Boston accent, and said, "Hey, it's my fighter Max!...He's my tough guy!". Along with him was one of our regular nurses back in December. She remembered us as well, and spoke kindly to Max while his IV was being placed.

It's a funny feeling, being where everybody knows your name. Where nurses remember which veins work and which ones don't. Part of me hurts a little that my guy has been poked so many times, has been hospitalized so many times they know him by his blue eyes and kicking legs. But, I always come back to, we're always so grateful to be at a place where he's known and they're always ready to try to make him all better.

The IV got set, and he was taken down for the CT scan at 1:00am. The results were read this morning, and he has a large collection of fluid around the area of colon they took out almost two weeks ago. He will go into radiology this afternoon and they will let him sleep while they place a drain to remove the fluid. They will culture the fluid, and see if it grows anything to be able to pinpoint exactly what the infection is. But, are starting broad spectrum antibiotics again this morning and IV fluids since he won't be able to eat all day for the procedure this afternoon.

We're glad to have more answers. Glad to be on the right track.


Vijay said...

my dearest friends: you are so much closer to me in thought, than i can explain in words. am glad you are finding answers. I cannot say this enough - God is with you and is guiding you through. Honored to be friends with you. Sending tons of warm thoughts and prayers your way!

Junior said...

Lots of prayers that this will get sorted out and you can get home. Max you are a very tough guy, huge hugs coming your way from CA

Leanne Stewart said...

Thought of you this afternoon and evening. Seems you guys are never far from my thoughts lately. Glad you're starting to get some better answers and thankful for the good, good care Max is getting.

Sam Radford said...

Thanks for the update...still praying

Thia said...

The medical profession is a special one indeed. It's wonderful that compassionate people are there with you guys and loving on Max!