Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the secret weapon

I was sent home on a mission to retrieve a tool we use for medical emergencies. As with any tool, when it is wielded in the right circumstance, with the right intention, it is effective and potent.

A weapon of this ferocity is not kept out for general use. It's not a toy. It's not to be taken lightly.

I went to the darkest corner of the basement and retrieved the heavy black trunk from the bottom of the pile. The trunk is worn and scuffed from many years of use and travel. As I unwrapped the heavy chains, I could sense the savagery before I cracked the lid. I swallowed the catch in my throat, reminded of the battles we have endured and overcome.

When you face the mountains Maxmilian has faced in his life. When you have stared into the cold dark face of death and said "NO". When you possess inside you, glimpses of the fortitude of the greatest forces on this earth, your only friends may very well be otherworldly. Monsters even.

When Max was four months old, fighting for his life while disease and seizures raged against his body, he found solace in the comfort of monsters. Monsters strong and mean enough to help him chase away seizures, battle against methylmalonic acid, and put homocysteines in their rightful place.

When you're this tough, weathered and forceful, sometimes only monsters are strong enough to cope with your aggression.

Introducing Monster Dr. Mrax...

Dr. Mrax

Dr. Mrax has been with Max since the beginning. He has waged war with Max.


Max and Mrax

He has rested with Max.

Max and his Monsters

Cute healthy Max

He has seen the light of victory with Max.


He has protected family while Max was busy in brain surgery.


He has recounted the tales of victory to admiring fans.


And protected him from others.


I have heard the war cry of this battled hardened leader as he rallies his troops to war.


Walk softly dear ones, for a warrior is waging battle...


Anonymous said...

I love it! And I love knowing that somewhere in his mound of mosters there's a little from from his friend Gwennie.

Ang said...

Love it! Horace Morris Boris the monster is at home joining the fight. If you recall, he's been disemboweled too ;)
Get after it dr mrax :)

Unknown said...

I love this! Max has an amazing army of monsters on his side. He also has an amazing family!

HeatherS said...

I love this post! Go Dr. Mrax! Samantha's monster lives at work with me....keeping the other monsters away