Friday, June 24, 2011

Headed out of the PICU today

For the last 48 hours, Max has been sleeping well, eating, taking his meds. The fever frequency has been diminishing but still rises to pretty high levels when it shows up. The doctors have been looking for 48 hours with no fever to know the antibiotic and antifungal medications have completed the job.

He is back up to full feeds now. His intestines are working correctly. He wakes throughout the day for diaper changes and to see who is in his room. Sometimes he wakes up grumpy, sometimes he wakes up happy.

monster max, monstermax

We found out this morning that we're headed out of the PICU today. He's stable enough to be on one of the regular floors.

With his current progress, we anticipate still be inpatient until Monday or Tuesday.

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Betsy Gerich said...

Hooray! My fingers and toes are crossed for continued healing and a rapid discharge!