Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Mother's Day...

I think not every year is going to be filled with fanfare and hooplah around holidays. This has definitely been one of those years. I guess it started with Christmas in the hospital. Birthdays weren't big celebrations, and our anniversary and Valentine's day were just another day on the calendar. Not that we didn't show love and acknowledge the day, it just hasn't been over the top, like it has been some years.

Last night, when I went to bed, I expected Mother's Day would fall in line with the other celebratory days of late. Hubby's away, so no sleeping in. Max was up with the sun, as is his routine these days. 6:00am he starts crowing like a rooster. I persuaded him to at least be minimally loud until 8:00am.

I got up and got him eating, and had a lot of sweet messages from friends and relatives wishing me a Happy Mother's Day. But, their words were more than just quick copies they put on everyone else's facebook walls. They were sincere, and heartfelt, thoughtful, and encouraging. It honestly took me by a bit of surprise, that people think so highly of me as a mom to Max. It's not easy for me to take compliments. I usually shrug them off, but today I stopped and appreciated every one of them. That was a really special part of my day.

Max, of course, made the day complete. He's the reason I get to celebrate. Earlier this week, his teacher and he worked the whole hour on my Mother's day gift. I stayed out of the room, and let them work it out, with his computer. He was telling her colors, and they were working on designs. We decided that I would only look at the card and gift today.

So, this morning once we were up and around, I brought the card and bookmark he made to him, and asked him about it. He was pretty proud of it, and I must say, this is one of the sweetest Mother's Day gifts I've ever gotten...the first one he ever made with his two hands.

He held onto it, before he let me look at it.

And here he is explaining it to me...

At lunch time, my friend Krista, came over to sit with the big guy while I got out for a bit. I had some errands to run, and made a short stop at the mall to get myself some new make-up. I ran to the grocery store, mall, picked up Max's medicine, got some tulle for the garden (more on that in a minute), got lunch, all in about 2 hours. I'm fast on my own! ;)

While I was out, I got to talk to my mom, and talked to her a couple more times once I was home. I got to talk to Steve over Skype, and talked to my dad, since it's his birthday today. And, got a special email from Abbey too.

Then, I got a surprise with my sister and niece stopping by on their way to celebrate her Mother's Day fun. She brought me chocolate covered frozen bananas, and these...that Addie picked out...

Pink sweet. I love these flowers. They remind me of my Grandmama, she had a huge bush of them at her house. And I think they look perfect in her pink vase.

Once they were on their way, I put Max on the floor to play for a bit. It's been so stinking warm this weekend, and he's not a fan. Our house has been so stuffy, as the wind really isn't moving, so having the doors and windows open just makes it warmer. So, I put him on the floor with the fans at his level blowing right on him. And I went out to tackle a project in the garden. (And, no worries, I can see him from the back-yard the whole time, and come in and out a hundred times to check on him.)

This weekend, I finally found out what has been eating our seedlings. At first I thought maybe it was caterpillars, as they go after the tomato plants, but it's too early for that. Then I thought it was Jumpy the Squirrel, but the bites were really little. Then, I saw the stinkers...the finches! They're picking away at all the leaves. So, I read to put netting over them to let them get big enough, then the leaves will be too tough for them to eat.

When I went looking for the netting, it was kind of pricey. So I went to buy tulle material instead. I immediately saw a difference. I just hope it doesn't blow away, or they don't peck through it.

I made myself dinner on the grill, and we watch the Amazing Race finale. Then, time for bed. But first, a Mother's Day picture together.

All in all, a pretty fab day. I felt love from all over. And felt truly blessed to be Max's mom.


ferfischer said...

LOVE his explanation to you! What a great gift! I also love the peonies - we just planted some in our yard! How is the tulle working out? We have the same problem with birds!

Jackie said...

So sweet, happy to hear you had a nice Mother's Day. I love the last picture of you and Max together. Take care.