Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rub a dub dub...

Last summer, Max's DME (Durable Medical Equipment) provider came out and we tried out a fantastic bath lift. It is a portable bath lift, that runs on an easy track system. Should we ever move from this house, it comes down without any damage to the house and we can take it with us. It's a Guardian Voyager Lift.

DME guy came out last July.

It was ordered in August.

We still have not gotten the lift.

We have, however, gotten denial after denial on the lift. Saying that it is too expensive, find another option. Another option won't work for the layout in our bathroom. And another saying that it is just for the caregivers convenience. And yet another saying that they need more supporting documentation to prove that it's medically necessary. All these denials, and yet, no final denials...which means we can't appeal.

But letters have definitely been sent in. His physical therapist, his DME guy, doctor, have all written letters supporting the fact that it's medically necessary to safely transfer Max to bathe him daily. (Seriously, do we need to point this fact out?)

We have taken video of us transferring Max in and out of the tub. We have drawn up diagrams of the bathroom supporting the claim that we can't have another kind of lift to transfer him in and out of the tub because of the layout. We have taken photos, and I have written a letter.

And bath lift.

It's ridiculous, really. As it is right now, bathing him is a two person job. One that Steve must be here for in order to somewhat safely transfer him. But, this boy LOVES his baths. He gets so excited, he squirms, and kicks and squeals and makes it a slippery situation to bathe him and transfer. Something I can not and will not do on my own.

So, until funding comes through on a device that will safely and effectively move him from into the tub and out, if I need to bathe him by myself, this is our option.

A towel, a mat, bowls of warm water, and a hair-washing basin. And while he thinks nothing of it, and even thinks it's kind of silly to be taking a bath in the living room, every time I have to bathe my child on the floor, I start to boil inside.

What is insurance for?

What are high deductables for?

Why do we pay taxes into a system that is supposed to take care of the disabled citizens is for?

Certainly not to have to bathe a person on the floor, simply because there's not enough paperwork to support the need.


Unknown said...

How very frustrating!! I am upset on your behalf! I hope that the funding comes through for you, and soon.

Junior said...

so frustrating. Insurance denied ours but in CA we have whats called Regional Center and they will fund items considered medically necessary but not covered by insurance. We don't have the lift in our bathroom but do have the voyager in our livingroom and bedroom.

Deana said...

Rebecca, me too...I think this is the logest we've ever waited on a piece of equipment.

Heidi, we have that too, called community centered board...but their budgets have been cut severely, and they aren't offering much in the way of funds right now.

Thia said...

Grrrrr! Start sending them copies of your chiro bills!

She said...

I think you are a flipping genius my friend. I was amazed at the bath ordeal. We just have no idea...

Deana said...

Thia, it matters not. They don't care about my's only for Max. And we make sure to word it in a way that we're not doing it for our convenience.

G, It is an event for sure!