Wednesday, May 11, 2011

To Make A Wish...Again...

One thing I could say we've learned with Max, is life rarely goes according to plan. In fact, especially if we try to make plans, life never goes according to plan.

That seems to mostly be the case when we try to make travel plans. Last summer we had a pretty grand plan to go to the ocean for our boy. But, seizures had other plans. Max ended being admitted to the hospital more last year, than he ever had before. For those nasty stinking seizures. And those big nasty seizures made it so we could not safely take him away from his doctors for a long period of time.

So, plans scrapped.

Then, we found the right solution, and his seizures have been mighty quiet 9 months. And we felt a little more comfortable trying for another trip. This time, we requested for him to get a Wish Trip, through Make A Wish of Colorado.

They approved his wish to go to San Francisco. The big plan...the biggest part of the wish was to visit the opera. Our boy LOVES opera, and we thought it would round the trip out to truly be something special. And with the help of Make A Wish, it would surely come together.

But, alas, it has not come together. Due to scheduling differences, and unavailability, he wouldn't be able to see the opera. Make A Wish worked very hard to try to get a solution figured out, but in the end, we made the decision that this trip just wasn't working out. (Through talking almost daily for WEEKS!)

That's something else we've learned from's sometimes very important to fight the resistance...and sometimes it's very important to stop fighting the resistance. For a lot of reasons, in the end, this trip was not meant to be. And while I was very disappointed for Max and all of us, we got right to work on a new wish.

His wish coordinator has been amazing in trying to get the trip worked out, and dove right in to the new wish.

The new're wondering what it is, aren't you? I've known for over a week now, but have kept my mouth shut, because,I wanted to wait until it was for sure happening!

So, without further rambling from me...Max's new wish is.......

It's called the Duet: The "Go Anywhere" Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem.

We are SUPER excited about getting this bike. It will mean so many things for us. We'll be able to go biking as a family. Max will get a front seat view of the world whizzing by. He'll get to feel the wind through his toes. And if we get it here in time (estimated 4 week delivery), maybe just maybe, we'll make it up to Frisco for the Family ride day for Children's Hospital's Courage Classic. Of course, we'll see how much he likes being on it before we set out for a 35 mile ride, but, it's something to aim for.

And, as far as California goes. We're still hoping to go. We're planning on going. And we already have the time and resources to get there for a visit. We'll just take it at Max's pace, and hopefully he'll get to put his little piggies in the ocean this summer. And who knows, maybe we'll have his super cool new bike to ride along a pier.


James Petticrew said...

Fantastic, now how would we fit one of these to a motorbike?

Deana said...

I'm sure Steve will try to figure it out!

Unknown said...

That is one cool bike! What a super wish! I can't wait to see pictures of you all riding it!

Junior said...

So exciting, can't wait to hear about his first ride on his bike. SanFrancisco is lots of fun, we only live a couple hours from there but it has been a few years since our last visit. Hugs