Monday, December 13, 2010

Green soap...

Green soap...that stinking bacti-stat dry your hands out to cracking after washing your hands a hundred times in one day green soap. I hate that green soap. But, right now, the smell is in my nose. The crackly hands are back. We're at Children's Hospital where the Green Soap lives.

This morning we had to bring him in since he was getting sick over and over without being able to keep his medicine or food down.

We quickly got ourselves together and medicine thrown in his bag, along with his treatment letter, and off to Children's we went to the emergency department.

We made sure to call all of his doctors/specialists on our way, because it's always good to give them the heads-up that we're going to be in there, and they will be called at some point by the resident doctors who have never heard of Max's metabolic disorder, and are a little unsure about all he's got going on.

Once he was triaged, we were told it would be a few minutes while they cleaned the rooms, since they had none. An HOUR later, we were finally in the room, and a half hour after that, I was pulling out my bat-phone to get the doctors down to see him. They were on it, as Max's dr's had called over an hour prior to tell them what needed to be done as soon as we got to the ED.

When that was sorted, they came in to see Max, and ordered a load of tests. They wanted to rule out the biggies, and when the abdominal xray came back, they were able to. He just had a LOT of gas in his belly, so we vented his g-tube to let the gas out.

Because he continued to vomit, he got the anti-vomiting medicine, and admitted him.

So, we're now holding down the 8th floor.

On our way up, we ran into the social worker that helped us so much 6 years ago this time of year. She was so surprised to see us, and Max. She just looked at him and said "MAXIMILIAN!...I have never forgotten about him, or you guys.". We walked through two more doors and ran into an attending doc that came to our house last week as part of residents training program here, teaching new docs about the lives of the families who have kiddos with chronic illnesses. When he left our house last week, we said hope we don't see you we do with most of the doctors who see Max. In the way only he can he says..."What the hell happened!". He's not the attending on the floor right now, but he said he'd check in on us later.

After we got settled in, Max's neurologist came by before he headed home. He's also not on call, but when Max is in the hospital, he always checks on him. He got a quick assessment of what's going on, and since Max is not and has not had any seizures, he just talked with us for a while. It was good to catch up...and also good to not be worrying about seizures! He told us to cancel our appointment for an EEG this Friday. He doesn't want us to have to go in later in the week for that.

After he left, we stopped to eat, but needed to meet with his metabolic doctor who came in again to see how he was, and go over the plan for the night and tomorrow.

It's so good to have the doctors that know Max...and us come in even when they don't necessarily need to. It helps the other doctors because they hear how Max usually is, and who he is now compared to that. It calms the newbies nerves...they learn from some of the best about a really involved kid...and a lot of the nonsense is taken out of the equation.

He's been okay tonight. Not great...he's still throwing up about every hour. Even with the magic we think he might actually be fighting a bug, rather than just one of his cyclical vomiting spells. It's 11:00pm and he's still not gone to sleep, so I'm about to ask about getting him something a little stronger so he can actually sleep tonight.

We'll see how he does in the morning to see if we will be starting him on any food...or keep him on IV fluids for another day. We're in no rush to get him home when he's vomiting like this. Every medicine he's on has to be kept down to work, so if he's not able to keep it down, no point in being at home, as we'll just have to come back.

I do hope we're home before the end of the week. My mom is supposed to be here, and then Abbey will get in this weekend. Then Christmas is supposed to begin. And I would indeed like for us to be home all feeling well for that!

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