Sunday, December 12, 2010

A rough go...

Wow...I haven't posted anything new in 10 days.

Perhaps that is because it has been a wee bit stressful around here lately.

Okay, a lot bit stressful.

Max is on this crying jag lately. Not just a little bit. But, wakes up crying...goes through the day crying and throwing fits...then cries until bedtime because he's tired - no doubt from crying all day - then crashes HARD in his bed. Only to wake up again around 11:00pm and cry through the night until morning. He does have his moments of sweetness, and playfulness, but mostly we're just walking on eggshells around him, trying to not get him going.

He's not in any pain that we can figure out. He has choices on his Dynavox computer that let him tell us if/where he is hurting, and he hasn't given any conclusive suggestions that he hurts. He likes to tell me he is hurting and sick mostly during therapy and school...then he's fine. ;)

His sore gums could be bothering him...those teeth...good gracious those teeth have still not come through. September 16th he had those bad boys pulled, and still toothless. But, it looks like they want to break through any day. He's seven years old, and teething like a baby again. I don't remember much of his teething experience as a baby, as far as if it made him cry a lot. I don't think Max did a lot of crying back then. He just had a lot of seizures. We still have not seen seizures this time around, but again, they haven't broken through.

Throughout the week, he's a lot better. He has his routine, apart from his teachers being out all last week. His homebound teacher was out of town all week, and his classroom teacher needed to have emergency surgery and is still recovering. He misses school a lot, and I don't know when he'll have it this week. When he does have it, I am going to try to record it so we can watch the videos through out the holiday break of two weeks without school.

It's exhausting and frustrating for all of us to not be able to communicate with him. I thought earlier this week, if I got a magic wish, to fix any one thing about Max, I would make it so he could talk where we understand it. Isn't that nuts? Maybe it's just what we're struggling with right now. But, I would like so very much to know what he's trying to tell us. And if we're getting anything right, or just bumbling our way through it, like it feels most of the time anymore.

But, there is no magic wish. And, there is no easy fix. We're just trying to get through this rough patch like any other. Hoping to get in soon to his pediatrician, who is hoping to set up an appointment with a behavioural psychologist to help us navigate these fits he's having. Because, we do think it's mostly behavioural. He's not getting something he's wanting...and he's terribly frustrated that we don't understand what he wants. We are terribly frustrated too.

I suppose I'll go for now. I have about an hour left of quiet before he wakes and wants either me or Steve in his bed in order for him to sleep. Really hoping for an easier week. Because, while he's cute as he can be snuggling with George in the middle of the day, I would think he'd be happier too if we could just figure out what's going on inside that precious head of his.


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