Wednesday, December 15, 2010

An update...

Updating everywhere but on here it seems...but it's been quite a wild 24 hours. I'm just pasting what I've been putting on status updates on facebook. I will update more as we know more. Max is very uncomfortable, with a bowel obstruction, and his colon is really really full and stretched out. We're hoping to get some relief for him this afternoon.

Nearly 3:00am, and they have taken Max down for another abdominal X-ray since he's looking like a Buddha.

I pity the fool that tries to cross me or Steve today. It was a horrible night, and Max is still quite uncomfortable. Still no answers, but we rattled cages to get the right people aware. We're just waiting to see them now.

Did you hear me ROAR? To not gloat too much to the doctors...I WAS RIGHT from the beginning. He has a severe bowel obstruction, which has been causing the vomiting, and now the distention.

The surgical team is now involved. They are going to do some tricks to hopefully clean him out without surgery. is so frustrating to know that this is what it was the whole time...and to have told them it was what it was, and for them to just catch up.

When we came in through the ED, we suggested an obstruction, as the last time we were in that's what it was. Somewhere in the chain of "playing telephone" they ruled out metabolic, and seizures, so we went to the floor, where they called it a gastro virus, and we'll just have to wait it out. I kept on suggesting the bowel obstruction, because once he stopped vomiting (from the zofran), his stomach started stretching. He's now 73cm around...where his pants he came in wearing have a circumference of 50cm...and are loose on him.

They still didn't think it was an obstruction, as the enema didn't produce anything. So they gave him a dose of miralax.

At 3am, they thought maybe they should do an xray...which they still thought didn't show a blockage. But, rather, ileus...which is a slowing of bowels, so they were filling with air. And again....told to wait it out.

That's when the fury hit and we made sure he told his superiors as soon as they came in we wanted a consult from GI...his metabolic doctors in here...and a plan before they even started to round.

Sure enough, his nurse this morning came in and said radiology was trying to get ahold of his docs because they saw an obstruction.

Dr. Metabolic came in this morning, and said he definitely has something blocked, but thankfully metabolically he is still within very good levels.

We have met with surgery, and they are wanting to do several enemas today to try to clean him out from below...and watching him closely to see what we need to do next.

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