Monday, October 11, 2010


While we were taking photos with our friends visiting, we got a brilliant shot of Max smiling.

DSC_0423 copy

That is one amazing gaping smile!

Max had so much fun with friends visiting. He slept the best he has in a month! But, when our friends from England got here, he tried to wake them up until 2:00am with yelling their names... "aaaa, AAAA-uhl - ENGLAAAAA!!!!" (That's Sam, Rachel, ENGLAND!) At one point I asked him why he was yelling at them, and saying England. I said they came to visit us here, not in England. He told me "uh-uh...Englaaa". I said, do you think we're in England? He said, "YEAH!". He finally gave up on that argument and went to sleep. Silly boy!

We had another run to the hospital this weekend with Max...but for a bleeding ear. He somehow got a tear on the top of his eardrum, and after a lot of running to urgent care and down to the main hospital, we got it sorted out. I think it may have happened when we had his hearing tested last week, but no way to know for certain. It is healing up now, so hopefully not a big deal in the long-run.

On Sunday after our friends left, we went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and to let Max get out of the house. He and Steve stayed in the car while I ran in. When I got back out, I saw Max wasn't in his carseat. But then I saw this...
Max "tricking" me in the van

He surprised me by sitting upright in the big seat, while strapped in like such a big kid! He laughed and laughed that he had tricked me. Of course, he went right back in his carseat before we started driving, but it was pretty amazing to see him sitting up so tall and without much effort.

And talk about being are some photos from physical therapy today. We were trying out a couple of different ways of standing today to give him variety. He leaned up against his big ball, and stood in his stander for quite a long time. But, by far our favorite way was standing in front of him while he was supported on us. Betsy helped work with his legs, while we helped balance him up top. Even though he looks a little awkward, there was very little effort on our parts to help him stand this way. We'll be trying it again.

Standing with Momma

Standing with Daddy

When one of us wasn't taking pictures, we held his arms around the other so he could hug while standing up. Something that I don't think has ever happened before. He's really such a big kid these days! He played a trick on my dad and brother by insisting to them that he was going to be 8 in a couple of weeks, instead of 7. When they played along, he CRACKED up! Such a jokester we have!


Junior said...

wow Max, look how tall you are getting.
I love hearing how you tease, Junior also loves to tease.

Amanda Jaksha said...

Great photo! Finally, we get to see all those missing teeth :)

Lauren said...

Holy moly! Whose giant nearly 7-year-old is that?! His feet nearly touch the van floor!