Friday, October 8, 2010

Max's School Work...

Max got his first stars in school on Tuesday...

Max is still enjoying school so much! We got some sad news this week from his teacher about going forward. Mrs. G. has a lot of kids this school year already, and they needed to add extra help. So, they brought on a new teacher to pick up the elementary aged kids from her. Sadly for us, that means Mrs. G. won't be back to teach Max.




BUT...we will get to meet his new teacher soon. Hopefully, next week we'll start school with her. She has been a second grade teacher for years, so we're actually looking forward to what she has to bring to Max's teaching.

So, on our last visit with Mrs. G., Max got to do his first school paper-work. She brought a special gadget that helped him hold on to the marker without hand-over-hand help, but we can help him move the marker so he can color "by himself.

Max has been learning about the color BLUE. He used his marker, with Mrs. G.'s help to color the different things that are blue.





Can you tell, "What else is blue?" Max's eyes of course!


Finally, here are some videos of his time yesterday.

I have been amazed at his intention in playing with this rainstick toy. For those who haven't seen Max in person, he'll often hold his hands balled up. Not in tight fists, but just curled in. For him to open his hands fully, both hands, and move this toy, is unlike anything he's ever done.

And a video of Max coloring..


Junior said...

Way to go Max, you are doing awesome.
Loved watching the videos of you making music and coloring.

Unknown said...

Seeing those little stars brought back memories! I wonder how many years schools have been using those?

I hope you enjoy the new teacher as much as you have enjoyed Mrs. G.