Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Teacher...

Max's new teacher came today. Max was a little tired and not on his top game...but still I think he enjoyed it a lot. They did a lot of learning each other, but she was good to get right into it too. He was ready to do more learning!

He read a book on Halloween, and laughed right through it. They talked about what will Max be for Halloween, and then he got to see a pumpkin. It wasn't nearly as big as his big BIG pumpkins still growing in the backyard, but still he enjoyed touching it.

It was COLD and ORANGE and had BUMPS and the stem was ROUGH. He liked that pumpkin so much, he wanted it on his tray the whole time.

They then read a story to know what numbers Max knows. They started with #1. The book went through, "Do you want" 1,2,3,...all the way to 10 of an item. Each time, the little boy answered his sister, "No! I want ONE!". Mrs. J. would wait at the end of the page have Max answer "ONE". And he did, over and over again!

After going through the book, she wanted him to show her which amount of blocks in her hands were only ONE. She held up three little shapes in one hand, and one in the other. 4 out of 4 times, with her switching it up, and moving hands he got it with his eye gaze. AMAZING! Every single time!

Because he did so great with that, Mrs. J. wanted to see about if he knows the letters in his name...and in what order they go in. We got out the computer to play with some of his switch games, but since I'm still learning the program, it didn't really show us what he can do the best.

I got out his LeapFrog letters and got out the M, A, X letters. Again, she had him eye gaze which letter came first. He proceeded to spell his name, in order.

He played with the rain stick a little next, but was really starting to feel tired at this point, so Mrs. J. sang to him about rain while he played with the rain stick.

At the end of the time, he wanted to show Mrs. J. a story on his computer. He scanned through his choices until he told us what FALL IS.

It gave the first part, Fall Is... and then he scanned through the different thing about Fall. Here is what he chose...

Screen shot 2010-10-13 at 3.09.19 PM

So, first visit was a good visit. His new school days are Monday and Wednesday. Hopefully he's going to be up for more fun by Monday.


Debbie said...

Sounds like a GREAT day!
It's great when other people can tell how amazingly smart your kid is, isn't it? :-D
I'm so proud of him!

Junior said...

way to go Max, you are one very smart guy.

Deana said...

It's really so fun watching him each week...I guess just confirming from someone else that he really IS smart! :) We knew it all along, but it is nice to hear it from someone who has been doing this for years.

Susan said...

How exciting! He's finding the keys to unlock all the stuff he know!