Monday, August 9, 2010

Can you hear me now???

My beautiful boy has drifted off to sleep.

Me oh my he was a bundle of energy today! I wish I had a counter for every time I had to reposition him in his seat. He was moving and kicking his legs and thrusting his hips until he was nearly out of his chair before I could sit down from rearranging him.

My back is aching from all the moving of him. And my head is a little achey from all his talking. His VERY LOUD I'M THE ONLY ONE HERE AND I CAN TALK AS LOUD AS I WANT TALKING!!!!!!!!

He tends to get that way when the Daddy goes out of town, and especially since big sister left yesterday too. He's the only kid on the block, and he wants to make sure Momma noticed!

And notice I did.

And it sure wore me out.

But, how can I stay frazzled for long, when I know this is what I get to wake up to tomorrow? More of my lovely boy with his new best friend. Telling stories all day long...even at THE VERY TOP OF HIS VOICE!!!!


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