Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday...

I've seen others do a "Thankful Thursday" on their blogs. I don't always keep up with the weekly scheduled posts...but I thought it was an important day to proclaim my thankfulness...and it happens to be a Thursday.

2 years ago today, I had a boy with a new appendage. A life-saver. A g-tube.
And I'm so thankful we got to that decision. But, mostly today, I'm thankful for a baby niece who was born on the same day we got Max's gtube.

It's a special day because she was born, but also because we made a decision to give Max the best life he can have. So he can grow up alongside his skunky cousin!


They've been bff since day one...



She's grown SO much this past year!! And has the coolest little personality!

And Max, he's still growing too.


Shachi said...

awwwww - such cute pictures! Glad you live so close to your sister!

Deana said...

I am too Shachi! I live near to only one sister...I have 2 others. And 2 brothers also.