Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sitting pretty...

Max has had this Special Tomato chair for nearly four years.

He has gotten much use out of it. And, it has by far, been the best chair he's ever had!

(Peanut Max, the day he got his chair.)

(Max at 5 years old)
Max playing with his toys

It's a fantastic chair, in that it is a floor sitter (good for therapy and playing), a wheelchair that is ti-in ready, a car-seat, and a seat for an airplane. In the past year, it's been useless. Well, except for this...

I tried, in a last ditch effort to make it work for a while longer, since we've been waiting for months and months for the large size to be approved...

(Max 6 years old, WAY too big for the chair!)

But, it's just too small for him. So, we're still waiting on the approval from insurance. They denied it the first time, saying it could be used outside of the home...what a stupid reason...everything COULD be used outside of the home...and most of the time SHOULD be used outside of the home. But, alas, we wait.

Until . . .

Last week, I got an email from the rss feed I have set up for this chair across all of's pages. One in Tennessee popped up, size large, at a fraction of the cost of a new one. We scrambled around to figure out who we had in Tennessee to pick it up for us and ship it. We just happened to have friends that were there at a conference...and had just happened to drive...and just happened to be headed out of town the next morning and could pick it up for us.

It got here today!!!

After blowing through every package of sani-wipes I had left from last flu season, we had a clean chair...and a very excited Max to try it out!


He looks so great in it! And he has room to grow!!


It even came with his own name-plate...

We're so happy to have it! And, if the other one gets approved, so be it. But I'm not holding my breath! Everything is being denied these days, and some things are worth fighting for, like a bath lift, and others aren't!

Thankful again, for our global village that is always ready to help our family out.


ferfischer said...

Awesome! And if you feel like selling your old one let me know, I love our special tomato seat, now getting too small too!

She said...

With inexperienced eyes I had no idea how small the other one was until I saw him in the new one! Wow! I'm with you Deana, I love my village!

Unknown said...

He looks great in it and I LOVE the name plate! Craigslist is wonderful isn't it.

Lauren said...

Holy goodness! He looks like a 12-year-old! Those long legs are something!

Congratulations on the great new chair!

Jackie said...

Congrats Max! You are really getting big...

Deana said...

He's been sitting in it this happy. I put some toys on his tray for him to play with and he reached right up and started playing with them! He never does this on his wheelchair! It's so exciting!