Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Growing like a pumpkin...

When we were planning our little garden this season, I thought it would be fun to grow a pumpkin for Max. He was born on Halloween, and we make a big deal out of that time of year.

So when I stumbled upon the little pumpkin seedling named, "Big Max" at the garden store, I knew it was the one to plant.

It wasn't until I got home and planted it, did I read the rest of the sign.

"Huge! Water and fertilize well, and thin to one per vine for fruit up to 100 pounds."

Week 1, Big Max
Garden  2010 Week 1

Week 2, Big Max
Garden  2010 Week 2

Week 3, Big Max
Garden 2010 Week 3

I guess this plant is living up to the name, Big Max! At this rate, we might end up at the county fair this year! If nothing else, Max will have fun with a pumpkin that shares his name!


Shachi said...

LOL - looking forward to the Big Max Harvest :)

Deana said...

Because I'm not so accurate with moderating comments on the ipod touch, I rejected this comment by accident, and it won't let me re-moderate it...

Helen said...
"That is very exciting, keep us posted on the growth, NICE "

Lauren said...

Maybe you could carve it into a pumpkin playhouse for Max and Abbey!

Jackie @ EasyStand said...

That pumpkin will be fun to see grow BIG! I also found a plant with my boys name on it and had to buy it!