Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Opera Colorado Group


Ellie Caulkin Opera House and Max


Max with the Cast of The Music Shop

For the third year now, we were invited to join Opera Colorado for a special performance! We got up and spiffed up to head down to Children's Hospital, where the performance of The Music Shop was being performed for the kids.

Getting all dressed up for the opera!
(Hair all clean and brushed...ready to go!)

On our way...
On our way to the opera!

On the stage...
Opera Colorado performed at The Children's Hospital!!!

With Mommy...
Max and Mommy ready for the performance!

And the opera was so so so fun! He sang along, and laughed, and we got to share it with some new buddies...

Samantha loved the opera too!
Heather and Samantha with the cast of the Music Shop

And we got to meet the cast afterwords...
The stars meeting the stars.

And our best buddy at Opera Colorado...Thanks for putting another great event together Cherity!
Max and his buddy Cherity with Opera Colorado

The news was there. I saw the clip on the 5 o'clock news. I hope they post it after the 10 o'clock tonight! I'll share here if they do!

I got to see a couple of my mom friends, and our kiddos finally got to meet! And one his nurses from the Metabolic Clinic got to come down for the performance. She loved listening to him sing along too.

We're headed back up to the hospital tomorrow for a regular check-up with his pediatrician. But I love when we can go up there, and get to leave with such a wonderful memory made!


Lauren said...

Max, you are SUCH a cultured young man! It was so wonderful of you to share your opera with friends and show Sam how to sing along like a pro! Makes me cry tears of joy every time I watch the video!

How great of Opera Colorado to make this dream come true not once, not twice, but THREE times already!

Junior said...

So neat, you can tell Max loved it.