Thursday, May 13, 2010

Gordo Max...

We had Max's pediatrician visit yesterday. While we were waiting to go back, I got a phone call from the hospital on my cell phone. It was the nutritionist with the Special Care Clinic. She wanted to know if we had gotten a recent weight on Max, because it looked like he was just continuing to gain weight, and we needed to slow it down.

I told her we were there now, and getting ready to go back. We took his weight a few minutes later...59 pounds and 8 ounces. How was he ever just 7 pounds 6 ounces? He came in at an even 4 feet tall.

Dr. P. came in quickly, and said she had just spoken with the nutritionist who had called me and saw his weight also. "We need to slow his weight gain down...Max is a little 'gordo' right now!". My Max...too tubby! HaHaHa!!! A year ago we were still worried that he was too small for his height. He is now in the 90th percentile in weight.

We met with the same nutritionist who saw him when he was just a year old. She took off one of the supplemental calorie powders, and added more water. We also talked about adding some fruit and veg blends into his tube feedings. We are hoping it will help with his digestion and skin rashes to add some fish oil and avocados to his tummy. We just have to make sure our blender will blend it enough to go through his tube. If not, we'll do juices until we get a better blender.

We also talked about starting feeding therapy once a month or so. We are to start by taking pizza crust, or bananas and dipping them into strong flavors. So the pizza crust, dip in ranch dressing, or pizza sauce, and letting him taste the flavors. Bananas we can dip into chocolate anything, or yogurt. The idea is to reintroduce his mouth to yummy flavors without gagging him. It may take a long time before we see him eating by mouth again, but tasting is eating too! And an important part of eating. He will continue to get all of his nutrients and calories from his formula.

We went over a lot of things on this visit. And it's always to go in when he's healthy...and chattering away. He went right in and told Dr. P. everything that has been going on with him. Then he got bashful when she started responding to him, and asking questions. It was pretty cute.

Today, he's exhausted from all the excitement this week. It's 11:30 and he's still snoozing. He's not used to getting out of the house so much in one week! But it's been a good week...lots of things accomplished! And now we have new plans to work on for our little gordo!


Lauren said...

Or dip ANYTHING into mango sticky rice!! That will get him eating by mouth... although, that might be the only thing he eats ;)

Unknown said...

Hi, I came over from Sam's blog. I do have a Max too. He is 3 1/2 and we have been working for 18 months to figure out what is going on with the little man. We just found a few weeks ago he has a glucose transport issue, basically his brain is low on fuel and it is effecting his mobility, balance and behaviour. He is going on the Ketogentic diet or something similar like the modified Atkins. We find out in June when we meet with the Diet Doctor. No seisures to date, but we have been told if his levels were lower he would be having them so we are hoping to keep things steady or better with diet.

Max and Samantha are classmates. That is why I am on Heather's blog. We have just fallen in love with their family.

I have been lurking on your blog for a few weeks. I just have to love all Max's out there. ;)

Deana said...

That may be the thing that teaches all kids to eat! ;)

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for lurking and commenting! I hope you can get the diet issues worked out for your Max. It can be so stressful not knowing what to feed them, and how it will effect them.