Saturday, May 8, 2010


When we first met with the neurosurgeon who did the resection on Max, he went through how the surgery would go, and the after-effects we might see. It was a lot of information, but the one thing that struck me then, and has stuck with me all these years, is when he said, "You know...his right side will be weaker, it's not like we'll see him playing piano.".

He has such lovely piano playing fingers. Long and slender, and such a soft touch when he can focus his efforts. We've tried different keyboards through the years, but he really has a difficult time pressing the keyboards. Piano keys are more difficult, although, we have let him use his toes for that. ;)

But, along came this gizmo called an iPad. and it opened up a whole new world of interacting for Max.

I give to you all...Max, playing piano.

Smule Magic Piano.

We have been adding more apps, but he prefers the piano most of all!

Here are a few great sites that have already adding a ton of apps for special needs. As we figure out the ones Max likes, I'll update here.

List of apps from Eric Sailers, Speech-Language Pathologist.

Junior's mom, Heidi, has put together a great list of apps for Junior.
We have downloaded a few of these for Max. I love how she's found so many cause and effect apps, which work the best for Max too.


Lauren said...

Ahem. Mi-mi-mi-miiiii!!!
Look at that maestro, with his big boy glasses and singing along opera-style to his composition!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Can't stop replaying it.......

Suelle said...

How cool! I've been wondering who an iPad would be a good fit for. It looks like it fits Max to a T!

Deana said...

He always has to sing along to his creations!