Monday, May 3, 2010


Max has been having some really great days lately. He goes to sleep before 11:00 each night...and stays asleep until 8:00 in the morning. He's not been having seizures. And then he wants to actually PLAY during the day!

It's amazing what sleep and no seizures will do for this guy!!!

One of our recent adventures was playing with play-dough. This wasn't for therapy...just Max and Mommy playing with play-dough.

He wanted to only play with the yellow...and kept putting his hand on it any time I wanted to use some.
I took that as he didn't want to share!

First, we made Curious George...then turned him into The Man With The Yellow Hat...then that "Man" turned into Max in the Yellow Hat.

Then Max thought it would be hilarious to knock him down.


Next, we made the ocean...complete with yellow sand.

He showed me over and over his favorite part was the sand at the ocean.

Then a little tweeter bird...

and sang a song about his little yellow beak.

And finally...a great big YELLOW banana...

But, Max had plans for the banana...

It needed to be added back into his fold of yellow play-dough. Not to be shared with Mommy or anyone else. So he pulled it into his lap. Where he kept it until we were done playing.

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Lauren said...

Haha! That's quite the sly little smirk you've got there, Max!