Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Gear to wear...

Last week, I posted on Max's gear. And yesterday, shared about adapted onesies.

Today, I wanted to share the equipment that Max wears. The "little things" that help with his therapy and daily life.

Theratogs, or Max's SuperMan Suit are a very important piece to his therapy. With them on, he is able to use his own strength and muscles better, than without them on. He has worn Theratogs for almost 5 years now, and is actually starting to sit up for a few LONG seconds unassisted when he has them on. We get these through Hanger Orthotics. Insurance and Medicaid have paid for them.
This was taken before we got his most current set...which don't show so much of his tummy! Although, it is quite a cute tummy!
Tall guy

We have all of Max's AFO's custom casted by Hanger Orthotics. They do a really great job of getting him casted, the AFO's made and sent back to us very quickly. Both Insurance and Medicaid have paid for these every time too.
Custom Cascade DAFO AFO's.
He chose the yellow and motorcycles on this pair! His last pair were yellow and blue with soccer balls.

I know most of the photos of Max are without his glasses, but that's because he really doesn't like to wear them, and I really don't like to fight him over it. But, we try to get him to wear them throughout the week. We've bought him several different types of glasses, and found the best for him are these super flexible frame from Solo Bambini. We ordered his first pair online, and when we were living in the Bay area in 2008, went to their shop and had him fitted for this pair. We see his eye doctor again in a few months, and we'll see if we need to get a new pair. If so, we'll go with a different color than the brown. Maybe red, blue, or green! Both times we've had to get his glasses, we didn't have Medicaid, so I don't know if they would pay for them or not...but our eye-med insurance would not cover them, since they weren't an accepted provider. We paid out of pocket, but they are worth it to not have nose pieces poking him in the eye, and a great strap on the back to keep them on his head.
Solo Bambini Glasses

My friend, Jenny, sent us our first bib from HipViolet. Jesi makes these in larger sizes for special needs kids, and they are absolutely, without a doubt, the very best bib to catch all of the drool our monster makes! I pay for these out of pocket, but they are very reasonable!
Specialty sized bibs

This little doo-dad was great when he was smaller, but he's too long for this particular one anymore. It's basically like upside down suspenders. It keeps his shirt down and tucked into pants, without it being a onesie. Again, out of pocket expense, but not a huge one.
T-Shirt Tucker Inner

Max wears diapers, and last year he outgrew the sizes we can buy in the stores. We go through Centrad Healthcare to get all of his home health supplies, like diapers, formula, g-tube supplies. We talk to the same person every month, Eleanor, and we get all of our supplies the next day after ordering. Medicaid in Colorado pays for diapers after the age of 3 or 4. I don't remember if they changed it to 4 yrs yet or not. We get 360 diapers each month paid for. Some months that's enough, some months we have to pay for an extra case. They come 10 packages or 10 diapers each package. That box of 100 diapers costs almost $80 with shipping.
One month supply of diapers, before being put away in the hallway closet.
Monthly diaper delivery

And, just for fun...
No King of the Wild Things would be complete without his own crown! We got this custom made by Better Than Normal on Etsy. He wore it on his birthday!
King Max hat


Your Therapy Source Inc said...

I am really enjoying your posts on Max's equipment. The pictures are so detailed and clear. Very helpful. I have posted a shout out about it on Facebook (www.Facebook.com/YourTherapySource) and Twitter. Keep up the good work.

Deana said...

Thanks for the shout-out!! I follow you on Twitter...I'll look for your FB page too!

Hunting you said...

Your blessed to have
Max hard to understand but God has blessed you stay strong God bless