Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crinkle Blanket...

Max has a new love in his life.

His Crinkle Blanket...aka...a space blanket.


I first learned of the idea of using a space blanket for play and therapy on Junior's blog.

You can get them online for pretty cheap, I found this one in one of our camping first aid bags. We used to do a whole more camping/hiking that we can do with Max, so why not let it go to good use?

This is a short video, but I love the way he has the blanket in his hands. He's laying down in this video, because I had put the blanket "away" to give him a break...give me a break from the crinkle...for a few minutes. He wasn't having it though, he scooted right down and pulled it up with his legs and up to his hands.

One more video of Max playing with the blanket. He'll play with his new best friend for hours if I let him! He's thrilled with how he barely touches it, and it makes such a lot of noise! He doesn't have a lot of control with his hands, and it takes so much effort usually for him to get results with some of his toys when he uses his hands.

Another great point about this space blanket, is it takes up very little space! I can fold it up small enough to fit in the side pocket in his go bag, and we can have it around if we need to occupy his attention while we're out.

Check your camping gear, or get one online, or at an outdoor gear store. If your kiddo has trouble, like Max does, with their hands, it might be a great therapy tool.

It also works for kickers!!


Junior said...

great videos, the space blanket is one of Junior's favorite things as well. Way to go Max

Lauren said...

What a great action shot of those legs going at it! I bet he can get it going really loud when he gets his feet into it!

Deana said...

Oh yes...he really gets it going with his legs. He'll kick it up in the air...and stomp it back down. When he's laying on top of it, he'll roll back and forth and make a big bunch of noise!

It's such a simple "toy" and doesn't tear up (at least it hasn't yet) and he really is pretty wild with it!