Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Toothless Wonder...

Sunday night, Max decided he did not need to sleep. So he, Steve, and I were up and down and up and down before almost 4:00am Monday, when Steve had to get up to go to the airport.

Then Max went to sleep. And sleep he did!

I canceled his occupational therapy, because at 10:00, he was still sound asleep, and I was not seeing him being friendly and awake enough in two hours for therapy.

I woke him enough to get him into his chair so I could start feeding him, and get his medicine into him. He had a pretty rockin' seizure at about 7:00am, so I really needed to get his medicine in him. Especially considering he threw his medicine up multiple times Sunday night...because he was upset and gagging through his screams.

Steve was in California all day, and Max slept in his chair and I lounged in my pj's until almost 4:00pm!

At one point, I woke him to change his diaper, and looked in his mouth to see if that loose second tooth was any looser. He hasn't let me check on the second tooth nearly as much as he did on the first tooth. But he was so out of it yesterday, I was able to get a hold of it, and it came right out.

Even though he's pretty proud of being such a big boy with TWO missing teeth, he still doesn't want me taking a photo of it!

2nd tooth lost

Almost have a glimpse of it...
2nd tooth lost

MAX!!! move your tongue!
2nd tooth lost

There it is...
2nd tooth lost

And, this is how he's been since he lost it. He's so happy he can chew on his hand again without those annoying teeth moving around on him!

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