Thursday, February 11, 2010

You have to learn how to crawl...

This line has always thrown me when it comes to Max.

"You have to learn how to crawl, before you can walk."

We've never really expected Max to crawl. He's always had incredibly weak upper body strength, and we've been told that he would grow too long before he would gain the skills to crawl. If anything, Max would walk before he could crawl.

Max is far from walking...we are just able to get him to sit with minimal assistance for a few seconds without falling over. He can't easily roll over for himself anymore, since getting so big after getting the g-tube. And when he does get on his stomach, it's very difficult for him to get back over to his back without some assistance.

But today, when he and I were playing on the floor, I gave him a little nudge to roll over, and put one of our new Unishape
bolsters under his chest.

And what do you know, the enormous froggy started moving his legs like he was going to get on up and crawl away. I didn't know what to do! I tried helping him get his legs up under himself, but he kept splaying them out and pushing with the insides of his feet.

He still didn't use his arms or hands to help with anything. But he does have amazing back and neck strength and just throws himself upwards to look up. So there he was, my 6 year old baby...trying to crawl for the first time today.

It was weird...and beautiful...and daunting...and wonderful all in one. I think I am going to have to get his PT on this one. I have no real idea on how to help him with it, but if he's wanting to move around on his belly, you know we'll be right there on our bellies with him, crawling all the way around the house!


t said...

Deana, YES!! that is how he will learn to crawl and i think that day is not far away!!!I'm excited Deana.!!!!!

Debbie said...

This is exciting news!

We have one baby in the nursery where I work who doesn't use his legs much at all to crawl. He uses his arms and drags the rest of his body. It's pretty different.

There are other ones who feel that they must be on all fours before they will even attempt to move. They will have no part with their bellies touching the floor. :-)

I can't wait to see what Max comes up with. To see him moving himself around the room, that will be so exciting. No matter what it looks like!


Jo said...

Go Max, Go!!!
That is awesome! I'm so happy for you guys. Enjoy your newfound mobility, Max!

Deana said...

We'll be trying again today to see what he does, and I'll try to get a video. With his big sister here this weekend, maybe he'll be more motivated!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Deanna - you must be enjoying yourself in London by now.!

Re: the need to crawl before walking. Not.

For anyone who wants to disagree with this point, send 'em on over.


Deana said...

Hi Barbara!

I'm home in my own bed, waiting for my guys to wake up...jetlag is fun! And I had an amazing time away.

As for the crawling before walking...I don't care if he ever crawls...or walks for that matter. The thing that is so impressive, and I may have failed to mention in this post, is that after getting his g-tube and gaining SO much weight, he stopped MOVING as much. Too much effort for him to sling his new body around. So this new movement is impressive to us, because he's trying something new, and has done it on his own. Now, if it leads to walking, or crawling, or even tolerating being on his stomach more, we'll take it however it comes!