Monday, February 15, 2010

Mighty Max...

Our little monster is fighting off some sort of bug yesterday and today. I woke up yesterday morning to him retching, and throwing up. We got him upright and eventually started feeding him to get his medicine in him. Within a few minutes he brought up his full feeding.

We put him in the bath because he was covered in sick. He started shivering in the tub, and by the time we got him dressed and back in his chair, he was burning up! We took his temperature at he was at 103. The highest he got yesterday was 104.6.

It was an exhausting day of checking his vitals, and doing a ton of towel and blanket laundry because he threw up several more times...but when he was VERY messy! He continued to have wet diapers, and kept his food down for the most part. And kept all of his medicine in.

We finally got him into bed at about 11:30 last night. We had him in his wedge chair in his bed, and he wasn't all that comfortable. He likes to go to sleep on his side, and couldn't get that way in his wedges. I gave him his sleep medicine, and he finally got into a good sleep at about 2:00am.

Steve and I slept very lightly...getting up at every little sound. Steve woke me up around 7:30 because Max had another 104.7 fever. We've been treating it all morning, and he's kept all his food down so far, and medicine. He's down to 99.0 as of 11:30am.

It is always stressful when Max gets sick. Even a slight illness puts us all on high alert, and we tend to get crabby at each other...but there is an added stress because I am set to leave on a trip on Thursday to Paris and London for a week. Without my guys!

I am really hoping he gets feeling better today. And that we can manage it all at home. I sure don't need the added stress on him and us with a hospital stay!

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