Wednesday, December 9, 2009

For the little ones...

So, here's a feeling I've never had before on this journey with Max. Feeling guilty that he's been so healthy lately.

Even writing that out, it seems absolutely ridiculous. But, I have so many friends who have children in the hospital right now...or just getting out...or just going in...or who have been there for months. And I just wonder why some of our kiddos catch every little thing, and get SO SICK...and why others are doing really well.

There is no formula to it all...I know Max could get sick at any time and be there too. I was just really taken back today at the feeling that I should somehow limit my happiness that Max is doing so good. That's silly. Of course I should be happy.

But I will also pray wholeheartedly for every one of those mommies and daddies pacing their child's rooms, hovering over their beds, chasing down the doctors...looking for answers. And pray for the little ones who have more fight in them than I could ever imagine having myself.


HeatherS said...

Goodness....I JUST posted about the same thing.

To health my friend :)

Deana said...

Headed over there health indeed.

t said...

deana, everything will go well, just as almighty has planned for you. Hugs.