Monday, December 7, 2009

Mmm-mmm cookies!

Yesterday was such a cold snowy day. We didn't get out of the house because, where were we going to go with it being under 10 degrees?! Instead, I sent Steve to the store to get ingredients to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

Max spent the morning watching the Andrea Bocceli Christmas special on PBS. He sang along to nearly every song. I wasn't able to put all of them on flickr, but I got a short one on there...

When it was time to make the cookies, I measured everything out into the steps they would need to be put in the bowl. We put Max in his wheelchair, and brought him into the kitchen to help make the cookies.

Before we get to the photos of the cookie making fun, I have to show you this one of Max's amazing is like one of those little troll dolls!
Check out his troll hair!

I held the big mixing bowl on his lap and helped him pour in all the ingredients:
Making cookies

Making cookies

Once he poured in the ingredients, I would have him hit his switch to start the mixer...we weren't sure if my mixer had too much power for his switch interrupter, so he would hit his switch and I would start the mixer.

This is a video of him pouring in the dry ingredients...he got a handful of the flour and thought it felt pretty great...

I guess we should have put an apron on him...
he got a handful of flour to play with

He was pretty proud of himself for helping!
Proud of himself for helping

Making cookies

He sat and looked at the tree while the cookies were baking...
Oh Christmas Tree!

The cookies turned out great! Maybe I should have him help me cook a lot more! He's got the magic touch!

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Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous post, Deana! Well, really, I think it is fabulous how you included Max in the cookie making! I am going to link this post into one of my cooking posts. Tomorrow I will have 3 linked in the top box, middle column.

Loved his singing, too. Barbara