Monday, December 14, 2009

Telling a story...

Sometimes photos can tell a great story. A story of a little boy, who loves to stand up.

Tall guy

Who needs shiny things to get his attention enough to actually fix his eyes on it.

Looking out the corner of his eye

A story about a physical therapist who knows our little guy so well, that she stopped on her way to the house today to pick up something shiny for him to play with.

Christmas surprise

And she was right, because he used his little hands to grasp it, even though using his hands is so difficult.


And play he did...he stood, and played with his shiny new toy, and his monsters.

Standing and playing

And when he was all done, he told us with the flick of his hand, and got to swing in his new swing as a reward for all the hard work.

Max's new swing


Technical Mumbo-Jumbo, for therapists, and moms of other special kids that might need this equipment...

Max is wearing his Theratogs, or as we call it, his SuperMan suit.

Max's stander is an EasyStand Bantam with Multi-Adjustable Kneepads, Black Molded Shadow Tray, Hip Supports, Head Support, Standard Seat.

Max's swing is Ekorre swing from Ikea...not online anymore, but can be found in stores or on ebay.

The swing frame is from Craigslist, by way of Target. We got it for $25.

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Jackie @ EasyStand said...

Great photos! Way to go Max!